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Also why I’m always searching for golang

Also why I’m always searching for golang

Open source feels

Open source feels

→ Latest Arch images install cleanly in UTM

As part of a recent job change, I also acquired a M1 MBP, which is the best one I’ve had in the last 20 years. I’m also a big fan of Linux and tiling window managers, so I was looking to have an Arch wm on the machine and be able to use i3 and get the best of both worlds. Initially when I tried aarch64 didn’t install cleanly from an ISO, and the arch image UTM provides in their gallery is problematic. Read More...

Simply deploying to private GKE cluster from Cloud Build

I recently came back to Google’s Cloud Platform after some years on other cloud platforms, and as part of my work there I had the requirement to setup a secure GCP cluster for some workloads. Google engineers have provided a nice blueprint for this using a IAP Proxy Bastion host for external access, which works well for safe access from developer machines and allows you to limit Identity Aware Proxy access by GCP Security Groups. Read More...

→ Enabling touchid for sudo

Somehow I missed that this is supported, but it’s awesome! Also works with Apple Watch unlock in case your mac/keyboard doesn’t have a touchid sensor :)

→ Type clipboard with Alfred

Ever in a situation where clipboard isn’t operational, say inside two layers of vdi for instance? This Alfred workflow can help!



Started a new Gaming video channel

First post shows first five minutes of each game in this months Humble Choice from Hubmle Bundle, running under Linux.

More videos to come soon :) Note, the if you prefer, the channel is also available on Youtube



Finished migrating all my devices from deconz. Much nicer OTA,binding and entity management. Next up zwave. mqtt all the things!


Sandvika Ice Skaters

I shot this with my Mavic Pro in 4K. Unusual that it’s cold enough in Oslo for this to be possible.